This is – Our smallest label machine, often used for the slightly smaller productions. It is good and accurate in its dispensing, so when the label is pressed on the bottle, it is placed for the very first time.


Once you have position the bottle down in the machine, you can lower the pressing arm down. After that there is a sensor that will be activated by pressure and the label will come around the bottle. Lift the pressing arm and take your finish product out.

– Flexible, all types of labels – almost all label sizes.

– We can adjust the machine, so it can get many different sizes of labels on your different products.
You can also adjust the size of how big the bottle is for every production, so it is easy to setup new product in the machine when you use it.



– Voltage 230 Volt
– Phases Single
– Current 2.5 Amperes
– Frequency 50 Hz
– Consumption 250 Watts
– Gap Sensor RIKO SU07-N
– Trigger Sensor RIKO RN04-N
– Label Dispensing Motor 25W AC Motor
– Wrap Roller Motor 25W AC Moto
– Machine Dimension (L)605mm × (W)523mm × (H)775mm
– Machine Weight 20 Kgs


We use the right side of copy dispenses first →