Our biggest label machine CVC 300 – With this solution we know your expectations and requirements for an affordable, reliable and innovative addition is needed to your packaging operation.

The Model CVC 300 is a Wrap-Around Labeler, featuring exclusive SelfSet control system with a microprocessor control provide wrinkle-free labeling. And its modular design is used for interchangeability of components.



The unique design of CVC 300 SelfSet:

● SelfSet automatically generates all initial settings of motor speeds, label stop position, and bottle application; the “timing” is by means of encoder technology.

● One touch for increasing or decreasing labeling speed.

● Labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure quality labeling.

● Provided with product output and product quantity countdown display. This labeler is available to be equipped with an optional standard infeed turntable and accumulation tray for smooth infeed and Outfeed. Its operation and adjustments of the machine are easy, and up to 50 setups can be stored in memory for easy recall.


All CVC machines are standardized for maximum reliability and to provide more economic pricing.


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