Automatic Linear Liquid Filling Machine

MODEL: CVC 3036-8


  • The CVC 3036 Series is a line of high precision servo-driven volumetric liquid fillers which is designed with the capability to handle both plastic and glass bottles in various shapes. It is suited for filling a diverse range of products in the food, cosmetic, nutraceutical, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. The filling system is designed to be simple but at the same time provides the most sophisticated users the options to control and profile each liquid product.


  • The personalized HMI control panel provides users a simple and easy method to store settings in the PLC and to troubleshoot the system. The servo-driven filling system allows for full control of dispensing speeds throughout the filling cycles. Its modular design allows the platforms to be configured with up to 8 nozzle heads. Larger fills are attainable with multiple fill strokes in the same containers. The filling system can be configured with the proper nozzles, cylinder sizing and packing to achieve an approximate accuracy of ± 0.5 of the filled volume.



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