Model CVC 1000S-TS Series



CVC Tablet/Capsule Counter has a simple and reliable design: tablets or capsules loaded from a stainless steel hopper is orderly arranged by a rotary disc, and then detected by photo electronic counting sensors as they fall into the container.

● Easy operation and adjustment, minimal maintenance and fast products changeover make CVC 1000S-TS series become one of the most popular counters in pharmaceutical industries.

● Equipped with conveyor and guiding system, CVC 1000S-TS series can be perfectly integrated with your existing lines.

● Dust accumulating device is attached inside of the machine to secure accurate counting (Vacuum unit is at customer’s scope).

● Wide application to colored capsules, transparent soft gels, uncoated or coated tablets.

● Designs meet cGMP requirements.

● PLC control and Touch Screen Panel is provided as Human Machine Interface (HMI), where the most common operations are easily accessed, and some useful technical checking functions are featured for troubleshooting purposes. Proper job settings for a given product can be recorded in one of the job memory sets for reuse.



Product Length 5~30 mm
Product Width/Diameter 5~20 mm

Filling Nozzle Size: 

1) Inner/outer diameter: 25.6 / 29.5 mm (optional)

2) Inner/outer diameter: 23 / 25.5 mm (optional)

Output Capacity:

Tablet (round): 1,000 ~ 2,500 Pcs/Minute Capsule: 600 ~ 1,300 Pcs/Minute ** Depend on product characters.


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