Packaging robots

Robots for optimize packing lines.

Packaging robots

You can benefit

Even smaller production facilities can benefit from using robots. Let us analyze your specific production, and see how quick you will get a great business case, by implementing robots.

Packaging robots

Allows for a super compact and flexible packing solution

The entire packing process – sensors, motors, vacuum, timers etc. – is controlled from the robot’s touch screen. The robotic intuitive interface makes it programmable for the customer’s operators, thus allowing for quick and easy switching between products – including new variants.

The robot is available in 3 different sizes, depending on the desired reach of the robot and the weight of the product. The three robots can lift between 3 and 10 kg and have a range of between 500 and 1300mm.

The system is equipped with sensors that tell the robot when to get items, i.e the equipment is always ready awaiting products. Thus, the robot automatically adjusts to the speed of the previous equipment.

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We have the opportunity to show you different solutions for packaging machines. We can test your product/material in our Showroom located 3660 Stenløse

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